didacta 2018, 20. - 24. February
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Early Education

Creating development, participation and promotion opportunities

The latest education research findings confirm the experience of the past few years – i.e. that children are most likely to benefit from key development, participation and promotion opportunities if education plays a crucial role in their lives at a very early stage.

Hall 11


Children have rights, including the right to education. Children are born with a great desire to discover new things and shape their environment. Didacta 2018 will offer a multi-faceted focus on ways of paying more conscious attention to, and fostering children’s unlimited curiosity and abilities, learning to view this as a valuable resource of early childhood.

Thanks to the new hall layout of didacta Hannover, which will make the topic of “lifelong learning” tangible like never before, companies and associations from the "Early Education" display sector will have the modern surroundings of Hall 11 as their showcase. There they will find the ideal conditions for highlighting the latest trends and illuminating key items involving early education.

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This display sector is targeted at:

  • Preschool teachers and childcare center managers
  • Childcare consultants
  • People involved in daily childcare
  • Special education teachers
  • Organizations involved in children’s and youth services
  • Parents’ groups and committees
  • Municipal offices for colleges of social education
  • Universities specializing in children’s education
  • Planners and architects


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Discover the Education Trade Fair Deutsche Messe

  • didacta is the biggest and most important international education trade fair.
  • didacta focus on new technology and the implications of digital technology for the education.sector.
  • More than 1,500 lectures and workshops.
  • didacta will provide visiting professionals with an effective and focused overview of lifelong learning.
  • New technologies and implications of digital technologies for education.
  • New exhibition layout and hall restructuring.
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