didacta 2018, 20. - 24. February
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didacta DIGITAL

Digital technologies stand to revolutionize education

As in nearly all other areas of society, digitalization is also leading to radically new approaches in the field of education. All of the resulting aspects will be featured at didacta 2018 in Hall 13 in the "didacta DIGITAL" display sector, illuminated live through the practical demonstration of new teaching aids.

Hall 13


In Hannover visitors will be able to see first-hand how digital technologies make it easier for students to take control of their education. That is because if students can determine what, how and where they learn – for example with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) – the opportunity is there to transform previously rigid educational structures.

The first AI teachers in career-focused further education will be a topic at didacta 2018 as well as augmented reality offerings for a directly tangible opportunity to expand educational horizons and provide digital learning platforms for any kind of target group.

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This display sector is targeted at:

  • Teachers and assistant teachers from all types of schools
  • Directors of education institutes
  • Professors and lecturers for adult education
  • Education administrators
  • Retailers of teaching and learning aids
  • Students and trainees
  • Parents


Your visit to didacta 2018

Discover the Education Trade Fair Deutsche Messe

  • didacta is the biggest and most important international education trade fair.
  • didacta focus on new technology and the implications of digital technology for the education.sector.
  • More than 1,500 lectures and workshops.
  • didacta will provide visiting professionals with an effective and focused overview of lifelong learning.
  • New technologies and implications of digital technologies for education.
  • New exhibition layout and hall restructuring.
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