didacta 2018, 20. - 24. February
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Career Education / Qualification

Society benefits when its members enjoy fulfilling careers

The new hall layout of didacta Hannover features the "Career Education / Qualification" display sector in all its facets for the first time in Hall 13. The focus will be on initial career education and further education and training.

Hall 13


Both types of education are of extremely relevant for society, as career qualification is not only the basis for economic success, but also represents a core component of individual fulfillment.

In an ever more dynamic work environment, in which entire professions are faced with substantial changes and completely new job descriptions are emerging, didacta 2018 will provide valuable information on certified training programs, trailblazing education concepts, new strategies for HR work and numerous other orientation aids.

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This display sector is targeted at:

  • Educators and companies
  • HR managers
  • Trainers, consultants and coaches
  • School and university graduates
  • Trainees and employees
  • Associations


Your visit to didacta 2018

Discover the Education Trade Fair Deutsche Messe

  • didacta is the biggest and most important international education trade fair.
  • didacta focus on new technology and the implications of digital technology for the education.sector.
  • More than 1,500 lectures and workshops.
  • didacta will provide visiting professionals with an effective and focused overview of lifelong learning.
  • New technologies and implications of digital technologies for education.
  • New exhibition layout and hall restructuring.
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