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Exhibitors and organizers draw positive balance. Didacta 2015 acts as important idea-giver for educational diversity.

06 Mar. 2015
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Ideal learning spaces, diversity that generates opportunity, digital teaching aids – the Hannover-based didacta 2015 exhibition provided important ideas for the educational sector. As the world’s leading education fair, didacta ended its five-day run on 28 February with exhibitors and organizers drawing a positive balance. Putting its Convention Center and five exhibition halls at the service of the event, Deutsche Messe, which organized didacta 2015 in cooperation with non-commercial sponsors the German Didacta Association and the German Educational Media Association, provided an ideal platform for leading-edge conferences and the presentation of numerous educational sector innovations.

"The extensive offerings from our more than 750 exhibitors and numerous high-caliber presentations, workshops and discussion rounds yielded genuine highlights for the more than 72,000 visitors on all five days of didacta 2015. Above all we are delighted that the core topics at didacta 2015 were in tune with the needs of the leading target groups and consequently resonated with the relevant education themes."

Dr. Jochen Köckler, member of the Managing Board of Deutsche Messe

Prof. Dr. Wassilios E. Fthenakis, President of the Didacta Association, emphasized the importance of didacta for education policymakers: "It enriched a debate which has yet to receive adequate public attention in a key aspect, i.e. the expansion of learning spaces. This includes the family, the social environment and non-school learning venues as well as virtual learning spaces, which are having a growing influence on educational processes. Integrating these learning spaces into our education system is one of the key challenges we will need to master in the coming years. This is the only way we can succeed in harnessing diversity in all its forms to educational processes so we can offer all children fair educational opportunities. didacta delivered some important ideas in this regard."

Reinhard Koslitz, Managing Director of the Didacta Association, drew positive conclusions from the event: "We want to arm visitors to didacta with the tools and concepts which can help them in their daily work in childcare centers, schools and enterprises. And we want to show them perspectives for how teaching and learning will develop over the coming years. The education industry succeeded in doing this once again this year. Both in the exhibition and at the forums, topics like early education, digital education and career education were real visitor magnets. We are particularly pleased at the strong foreign demand for education 'Made in Germany'." The next didacta in Hannover will take place from 20–24 February 2018.