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The "digita" 2015 education award

Presented on 26 February 2015 at didacta

09 Feb. 2015

The "digita" – one of the most prestigious education sector awards in the German-speaking world – is being presented for the 20th time this year. The "digita" has been supporting the development of digital educational materials since 1995.

Back then, CD-ROMs were submitted, while today it is computer programs, apps, digital tools and much more. The jury makes its selection based on compelling instructional concepts and exemplary use of digital media. Eighty products for learning in schools, vocational training, universities and the private sector were submitted for consideration by media firms, publishers and software developers, as reported by the TU Berlin's IBI (Institute for Education in the Information Society).

The awards are being presented on 26 February at didacta 2015 in Hannover by this year's Honorary Chair, Lower Saxony Minister of Education and Culture Frauke Heiligenstadt.