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Teachers had their say in developing the fx-CG50 graphing calculator on show at didacta 2018 in Hannover, where CASIO is demonstrating how to display 3D graphs and record measurement data such as oxygen content and pH values.

15 Nov. 2017

Graphing calculators are widely permitted in final examinations at high schools nowadays, so Casio's decision to involve experienced teachers in the development of the new fx-CG50 was a logical and successful move. It's a powerful tool – not just in math lessons, but wherever scientific experiments feature as well, such as in physics, chemistry and biology. In classrooms equipped with a CLAB data logger, the fx-CG50 is designed to automatically receive and recognize the kind of data being transmitted from sensors. It can then represent these values - such as changes in temperature, distances or triaxial acceleration - in the form of a graph.

Teachers will particularly welcome the ability to emulate operating the device on a computer using the fx-CG50 Manager software. The idea is to simplify preparing lessons - by capturing screenshots for worksheets, for instance. The key-logging function also makes it easier for teachers to record both general operation of the fx-CG50 and the steps for performing specific calculations. All that's needed is a laptop and projector to demonstrate these processes to the whole class so as to optimize pupils’ use of the calculator and their involvement in lessons. You can activate a 90-day free trial of fx-CG50 Manager straight away at edu.casio.com!

CASIO Europe at didacta

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