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Creating campus connections

NETGEAR, the world's leading supplier of innovative network and storage solutions for SMEs, is at didacta 2018 to showcase its extensive portfolio of wired and wireless network solutions for the education sector.

15 Feb. 2018
NETGEAR Education

As the world becomes more and more networked, the IT used in education - in both teaching and administration - requires powerful customized network solutions more than most. The latest didactic developments such as eLearning, mobile learning and digital classrooms mean that school and university students and their teachers and lecturers need to be able to access interactive learning content campus-wide, for both collaborative and private study. This key recognition explains why some well-known CEBIT exhibitors are also appearing at didacta 2018. NETGEAR Deutschland GmbH, for one, is showcasing its extensive product portfolio of wired and wireless IT networks together with storage and cloud solutions.

The access points and wireless controllers from the world’s leading supplier of innovative network and storage solutions for SMEs can also provide educational establishments with powerful, cost-efficient and user-friendly ways of meeting their full range of requirements. The burning question of security is answered with carefully conceived wireless solutions to provide "outsiders" such as parents or academic support staff with secure access to guest networks. And it seems that NETGEAR even has a sound solution to the thorny issue of users logging onto WLANs with their own devices ("BYOD").

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