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Good vibrations

The "Senseez" cushion range is celebrating its premiere at didacta 2018 in Hannover. These bright and lightweight cushions gently vibrate when squeezed or sat on, helping to calm children in stressful situations.

17 Feb. 2018

Hyperactivity is by no means a modern phenomenon. Throughout history, parents and teachers have despaired at children who fidget and refuse to sit still. Undoubtedly, adults have come up with all sorts of creative solutions, but “Senseez” really is something brand new. These innovative, gently vibrating cushions are on show for the first time at this year's didacta in Hannover.

The cushions are sold in Germany by PyCom GmbH & Co. KG and provide a soothing sensation when they are squeezed or sat on. The vibrations are designed to physically relax and emotionally calm children, particularly those who have difficulty sitting down quietly for long periods. The light and colorful sensory cushions are suitable not only for energetic teenagers, but also for autistic and hypersensitive children. What’s more, the calming, vibrating effect helps gently train hypersensitive children to tolerate more sensations.

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