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Goodbye to chalk and blackboards!

As education becomes increasingly digitized, smart displays are rapidly replacing traditional blackboards. Clevertouch is at didacta 2018 to unveil the new Plus series, enabling complete collaboration in the classroom.

12 Feb. 2018
CLEVERTOUCH Camelsdale School.

From storytelling to easy-to-understand math lessons, Clevertouch is looking to revolutionize classroom dynamics with its large-format touchscreens. It also offers apps to make learning an interactive, fun experience for schoolchildren of all ages and levels of ability, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Cleverstore. They are available in over 30 languages and cover subjects such as mathematics, languages, science and history.

At didacta 2018, Clevertouch is showcasing the new Plus series, its most advanced models to date, which combine superior connectivity, innovative software and a simple user interface. Specially developed for the education sector, Clevertouch Plus screens feature a dual platform interface with a cross-platform connectivity structure, enabling complete collaboration in the classroom. They also make full use of LUX, the most advanced user interface ever developed for large-format, interactive touchscreens. The interface has been designed from scratch to make the extended functions of Clevertouch accessible to all by optimizing the learning experience. The ultimate goal is to avoid unnecessarily complex technology and thus focus users’ attention on the task at hand.