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Learn to learn - and stay on the ball!

The concept of juggling is often used as a metaphor for multitasking between ever more complex day-to-day tasks - especially in the field of education. However, juggling itself also boosts creativity, relieves stress and keeps body and spirit in harmony, and FQL is at didacta 2018 to show us the REHORULI system for learning to juggle.

17 Jan. 2018
FQL Jonglier-APP

FQL founder Stephan Ehlers has already given a number of explanations for what the three letters in the company's name stand for - English versions could include "Fun & Quality Linked" or "Facing Questions Laterally". "Fosters Quick Learning" would be especially suitable for didacta 2018. In any case, for FQL it is clear that juggling can play an important role in a range of different contexts. Ehlers, who developed the REHORULI method for learning to juggle quickly in 1999, is in Hannover to showcase the latest formats available for his award-winning learning system - including a new app.

One major highlight is the REHORULI support program, developed specifically for target groups with responsibilities in schools, clubs, sports associations or education authorities. Visitors to the FQL stand can also rediscover for themselves how to "learn to learn" by taking part in two high-intensity minutes of throwing and catching exercises using just one juggling ball. Participants who manage to “catch on” will receive a small prize in the form of two brochures and two free eBooks on the topic of juggling and learning. The new "Jonglier-Fix" app is also free of charge, helping beginners learn to throw and catch three balls in record time.

FQL - Kommunikationsmanagement at didacta

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