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My desk, it has five corners

A new version of the popular children's song about the three-cornered hat is called for at didacta 2018, because EinrichtWerk GmbH is exhibiting a five-cornered desk with a unique design that is set to make it a true communication revelation.

23 Jan. 2018

An analysis based on its long-standing experience in the school furniture sector led the team from Dortmund-based company EinrichtWerk to the conclusion that many conventional desk models used in schools literally create a barrier to effective modern-day teaching. In the company's opinion, even the more modern approaches using triangular desks quickly reach their limits in typical lecture or examination situations. In a world first, the team from EinrichtWerk is therefore using Hannover to unveil its new EWT.5 five-cornered desk, which is intended as a universal solution for all learning concepts and forms of teaching – from elementary school all the way through to adult education.

According to its developers, this desk will become the communication revelation of lifelong learning. Its unique design enables teaching situations to be created in which everyone can see each other properly, learn together and enjoy constructive dialog. At the same time, the new desk will respect tried-and-tested teaching concepts, for example making it easy to switch between a more traditional lesson where the focus is on the teacher and forms of teaching where the students work together.

Not only does the team from EinrichtWerk consider lively debate about educational approaches to be a good thing - it also accepts that there will never be one definitive teaching concept. Teaching situations, technical requirements and above all the individuals being taught are too varied for that. The new EWT.5 desk is not intended to force anyone into rigid models, but rather to create the ideal conditions for different teaching situations and diverse educational strategies.

EinrichtWerk at didacta

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