didacta Hannover
Early education

New pastures

Traditional toymaker eitech has expanded its product range in the last few years. In its debut at the didacta education trade fair it is now looking to break into new markets.

24 Feb. 2018

Since being taken over by a Spanish investor in 2010, traditional toymaker eitech - previously best known for its high-quality metal and brick construction kits - has also been making successful inroads into the modern toy industry. To really underscore the educational value of its products - and of course raise its profile - eitech is venturing beyond traditional toy fairs and exhibiting for the first time at didacta 2018 in Hannover. In addition to a programmable vehicle, the company's presentation focuses in particular on antibacterial toys for preschool children.

The programmable vehicle, which can also be controlled from a smartphone, is aimed primarily at schools. As the system is being continuously expanded, it is particularly suitable for IT classes, while the new anbac antibacterial toys are designed for preschoolers. The brightly colored toys, which are produced exclusively in Germany, have natural antibacterial properties. These ensure the toys are germ-free no later than eight hours after being played with, making anbac ideal for daycare centers. And, as with all its products, eitech pays close attention to sustainability right from the manufacturing stage.

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