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No tools needed!

The "Digitale Regal" (digital bookcase) from ID.on GmbH, on show in Start-up Valley at didacta 2018, can accommodate all the digital products of a given supplier for all platforms. As a result, customers and employees can access content whenever they like, wherever they are and whether they are online or offline.

17 Feb. 2018

Ask IKEA customers what the Swedish furniture giant's most popular and successful product is and, nine times out of ten, you will hear the name "Billy". The sleek bookcase has been a huge success, not least because it was, and still is, the perfect place to keep all your analog media. Billy can be assembled quickly and holds just about anything - from books to LPs or photo albums. Although it cannot be said for certain, if you take a look at the product description for the digital bookcase, on show in Start-up Valley at this year's didacta, you could be forgiven for thinking the developers took some inspiration from good old Billy.

Suppliers can store all their digital products in the digital bookcase from ID.on GmbH. After downloading the software, authorized customers and employees can access products in the bookcase at any time, both offline and online. The software supports all common platforms, meaning the digital bookcase can be used as an app, as a PC or MAC application, in an online browser or on external storage media. Digital products are readily available wherever you need them - on the go, at the office, in school, at home or via POI / POS systems - which is the vital difference between the digital bookcase and its analog ancestor.

ID.ON at didacta

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