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Non-swimmers take like a fish to water!

H2O Swim Store is launching its Floating Board Fish at didacta 2018 with the promise that anyone can learn to swim without fear in just ten hours.

05 Feb. 2018
H2O Floating Board Fish

Katharina Prasler, the head of H2O Swim Store, knows just the trick to get beginners swimming like fish - and she's revealing the secret at didacta 2018 in Hannover. With many years of kindergarten experience and numerous additional courses in children's psychomotor development under her belt, the eminently qualified preschool teacher certainly knows what she's talking about. And if that’s not enough, her "silver" lifesaver award ensures the babies and youngsters in lessons at her H2O Swim School Prasler are in very safe hands.

Ms. Prasler is now exhibiting the new Floating Board Fish for the first time at didacta, as part of the "Education and training summit". Its special design helps children aged two and above, but also older beginners, adopt the optimum swimming position. The innovative Floating Board Fish is shaped so that its fins support learners from the sides, which enables them to stretch their arms out while lying across it. The flotation aid, which measures 70x48x5 cm, also has three sets of handholes to encourage correct posture in the water.