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Pen power for pupils!

Betzold is at didacta 2018 in Hannover to showcase Tellimero, a small recording and playback device shaped like a pen that makes language elements linked to teaching materials audible.

29 Nov. 2017

As a modern family-run company with a long tradition and a bright future, Betzold is one of the leading producers of teaching materials in Germany. Besides buying in materials from the global market and distributing them in Germany, Betzold is also continuously working to develop its own products specifically designed for use in the classroom. The latest example is Tellimero. This digital reading pen is ideal for helping kids fine-tune their language skills in their mother tongue and even learn foreign languages - whether in school or on integration courses. It could also be put to good use in therapy sessions at rehabilitation clinics.

As a small, pen-shaped recording and playback device, Tellimero makes it easy to invent your own learning and reading games. For example, small stickers linked with spoken text can be used with Tellimero to design talking educational puzzles and photo albums. The pen, which can record four hours of content, can also be used with the existing range of Tellimero learning games that includes ready-made learning games, dominoes, quizzes and much more besides. According to Betzold, Tellimero thus combines all the options associated with the digital learning pens currently available on the market. What's more, by establishing a link with a PC or notebook, users can directly arrange and listen to whole passages. All the audio files for Tellimero products, such as cards, games and quizzes, can be copied to the pen easily and for free via the Tellimero website.

Betzold, Arnulf at didacta

At didacta 2018 you could visit Betzold, Arnulf on-site and learn more about the latest products and services. more