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The award-winning publishing house Mantra Lingua is at didacta 2018 in Hannover to showcase its playful and innovative Language Starter Packs, which are designed to help children settle into new environments where an unfamiliar language is spoken.

21 Feb. 2018
MantraLingua Language Starter-Set

The London-based publisher has made a name for itself, most notably thanks to its award-winning products for multiethnic and multilingual schools and daycare centers. Mantra Lingua understands the importance of linguistic diversity and is continuously developing new multilingual learning materials - all of which are compatible with PENpal, the talking pen.

The product range currently boasts no fewer than 50 titles in 52 multilingual editions and more than 700 supplementary audio files. The "talking books" are now also available in German and a total of 20 other languages, including English, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Kurdish, Romanian, Russian, Polish and Spanish. The London-based publishing house is showcasing a special range of Language Starter Packs at this year’s didacta that is designed to open up new learning and teaching opportunities, especially where children of different native tongues play and learn together.

Children in particular benefit from fun ways of learning new languages, and the starter pack also ensures their native language is not neglected. What's more, thanks to prize-winning key words and sentences in 30 languages, the starter packs make it easier for staff and parents to communicate with each other, thus breaking down language barriers. However, when used at home, the packs can also help the whole family learn the local language. They include a bilingual talking dictionary, a PENpal, a talking multilingual poster with keywords and sentences in 30 languages, two bilingual talking storybooks, 400 recordable talking labels, two e-books and two picture books. Additional languages can be downloaded free of charge.

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