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The Ministry of Silly Talks?

"My hovercraft is full of eels"… Who can forget the legendary Monty Python sketch with the fake Hungarian phrasebook that spouts absolute gibberish? Now PONS wants to add a dose of British humor to learning French, too - sure sounds like fun!

16 Aug. 2017

Briton John Peter Sloan is an absolute trail-blazer when it comes to teaching foreign languages, having already helped more than a million people to learn English or Spanish with a healthy dose of his renowned native humor. Now he's set his sights on learners of French.

PONS boldly claims that there isn’t a school student out there who wouldn’t love to fall about laughing while perfecting their French - and promises to achieve this with the aid of comedian John Peter Sloan and his unique take on how to teach language. His “Instant French” concept is designed to teach grammar, idioms and usage of French not just logically but gift-wrapped in humor so as to encourage even the linguistically challenged to jump in feet first. The book is also packed with plenty of exercises to help students put what they have learned into practice. PONS is pitching the course as ideal for beginners and returners to French - including foreigners flummoxed by French "faux amis" in the past.

And for anyone still keen to brush up their English, PONS is also publishing a pocket-sized "Speak Easy" version of John Peter Sloan’s original course to highlight the funniest and most memorable excerpts from the four "Instant English" books - "Instant English", “"More Instant English", "Instant Business English" and "Instant Grammar English".

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