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Mother Tongue Programmes

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European Language Department

The core languages at GESS are English and German. All students from pre-school to Grade 10 learn these two languages which are taught at a variety of levels from beginner to native speaker.

Dutch and Danish

GESS offers secondary students a unique Mother Tongue Programme for Dutch and Danish that is fully integrated in the curriculum. With this programme, GESS supports this vital component of each child's cultural development whilst furthermore facilitating better integration into national school or university systems should the student return home. In Primary School, students are able to follow after school programmes in Dutch and Danish.

In Pre-School, Danish lessons are run as part of the Midday Programme twice a week from 12.30pm - 3pm.


Students following the German Language A programme in Grade 6 to Grade 8 will attend German mother tongue classes within the German Section of the School meaning students are exposed to a truly native speaking environment. As such, grading of assessment within this class follows the German system and does not follow the MYP Language A assessment structure. Grade 9 to 12 German Language A classes are taught within the European Section and follow the MYP assessment structure.

Mother Tongue Programme

For other mother tongue languages (beyond English, German, Dutch and Danish), GESS offers a Mother Tongue Support Programme that is coordinated by the school's Head of World Languages in conjunction with external tutors. This programme allows students to follow almost any additional language at mother tongue level, assuming that a suitably well qualified tutor or programme can be located. The parents will meet the additional costs for this facility.


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